Talented Front-end Engineer

Rome — Full time, long term contract

We’re looking for a talented front-end engineer with solid knowledge of Javascript and the latest front-end technologies and experience in developing modern, scalable and usable web applications. The ideal candidate is passionate about technology, innovation and startups. You should enjoy staying informed about latest trends ( like languages, tools, frameworks, libraries, etc.) using both online resources (magazines, groups and forums) as well as offline ones (events and conferences). We’re looking for someone who can work in a startup environment and be capable of solving both practical and logical problems by finding the optimal solution among many possibilities. You need to know how a typical modern web application architecture is designed (backend/frontend, public / private APIs, REST pattern, authentication, authorization, internal states, etc.) and should be confident with the latest front-end languages and technologies. Outstanding attention to detail is a must, and you should be a perfectionist when it comes to writing solid, modular, maintainable and readable code.

Quick company growth and the increasing market requirements bring our engineers new exciting technological challenges every day. Our front-end team work hard to provide our customers with better user experience by releasing periodic feature updates and improvements. As a member of the front-end team you will work in an international environment and be immediately responsible for making an impact by:



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